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Nursery DIY: Estate Sale Vanity Chair

Vanity Chair 1 1 Nursery DIY: Estate Sale Vanity Chair

I just love a pretty vanity chair. I’ve always wanted to have a beautiful vanity in my bedroom with the daintiest of gilded vanity chairs to pair with it. I have yet to find the perfect set for my bedroom but on my quest I did happen to stumble upon a precious pint sized vanity chair at a local estate sale. The fire engine red houndstooth vinyl seat was an eyesore but beyond that there was a beautifully shaped chair that was just perfect for my baby girl’s nursery.

Vanity Chair 12 Nursery DIY: Estate Sale Vanity Chair

Just look at that shiny vinyl seat. Yikes. The vinyl was in great condition leading me to believe it had been reupholstered recently. The fabric was a surprising choice for such a feminine chair, but to each his/her own right?

Since I had already tackled that upholstered cornice, I was feeling like I could handle reupholstering this chair. Of course a custom sewn seat cover with a nice welt would look best, but when your short on funds and sewing skills, the staple gun is your best friend. I carefully ripped off all the vinyl from the seat and back cushion. I had no idea what I was going to uncover when I took off the fabric but was pleasantly surprised to find the cushion in salvageable condition along with a wood base.

Vanity Chair 3 Nursery DIY: Estate Sale Vanity Chair

I saved the existing button to use with my new upholstery since it was already the perfect size and ready to go. I laid out the fabric and positioned it to where I wanted and started cutting a circle around the seat.

Vanity Chair 4 Nursery DIY: Estate Sale Vanity Chair

I then pulled and stapled the fabric to the wood seat base. The wood was pretty dense and the staples weren’t going all the way through. To make sure they were secure and weren’t going to be a hazard, I took a hammer and nailed them flush to the base. The button was pulled up through the fabric and secured by the brad-like prongs. I stapled each side down to make sure it was extra tight.

Vanity Chair 5 Nursery DIY: Estate Sale Vanity Chair

Vanity Chair 10 Nursery DIY: Estate Sale Vanity Chair

Vanity Chair 6 Nursery DIY: Estate Sale Vanity Chair

I chose a neutral linen to go on the back pad to compliment the coral floral fabric. All that was left before I attached the cushions back on the chair was a quick couple of coats of spray paint to revamp the brass.

Vanity Chair 11 Nursery DIY: Estate Sale Vanity Chair

Overall, I think the chair turned out pretty good. I am still an upholstery newbie and definitely don’t have all the kinks worked out yet. I don’t love the folds in the fabric but no matter which way I tried pulling, tucking or folding the fabric, they were still there.  Maybe some of you upholstery vets know a solution (besides sewing) for this?

The chair looks adorable in the nursery and once she is old enough will look super cute with a mini vanity or craft table. I purchased the chair for $35 and since I already had the spray paint and linen fabric, all this makeover cost me was $8 for a yard of coral fabric.

Color Play: Canary Yellow

Easter is on Sunday. Is that true? I swear it was March 1st just last week. In the sprit of the impending holiday, I have been feeling inspired by the most cheery of spring colors, yellow. I love seeing bouquets of pretty yellow tulips at the supermarket beckoning to me to find a place for them in my home. When it comes to home decor, yellow can be a fun color to decorate a room around or just use sparingly here and there to add a bit of color to a neutral space.

Color Play Canary Yellow1 Color Play: Canary Yellow

Images: Yellow and Gray StoolsLemonsFlower Head Wreath, Yellow and Gray ChairsYellow Swimsuit,Yellow DoorYellow Daisy Flowers, Yellow Flowers and Feathers, Yellow Bike

Nursery DIY: Upholstered Cornice

I know I have been a little behind on sharing updates on the nursery. I’ve gotten so caught up with all my little projects, I didn’t leave much time to putting together some posts on them. Nevertheless, I am excited to say that the nursery is almost finished! I still have some finishing touches to do and some art to make/hang but all the big things are done. One of the biggest DIYs on my list was making an upholstered cornice for the window.

Upholstered Cornice Nursery DIY: Upholstered Cornice

Since I plan on installing a less than glamorous but entirely necessary blackout roller shade inside the window, I needed something to conceal the shade when it is not pulled down. A cornice was the perfect solution. I could hide both the roller shade and my budget friendly curtain rod all with just this one rectangular box. This was my first time experimenting with making any sort of window treatment and I was surprised at how easy it was to put together and how great it turned out.

The first step in most any upholstery/furniture project is measuring. To measure for the cornice, I simply measured the width of the window and then added 3″ on both sides to accomodate the existing curtain rod. If you have casement on your windows, make sure to measure so that the cornice will fit around it. A good general depth for cornices is 4″. I picked up my wood from Home Depot and had them cut it down to size for me. After everything was measured and cut, we were ready to get started!

Upholstered Cornice Materials Nursery DIY: Upholstered Cornice

Upholstered Cornice 3 Nursery DIY: Upholstered Cornice

After the cornice was finished, I applied a sweet little pom pom trim to the bottom edge to give the tribal fabric some girly softness. I used fabric glue to attach the trim and then secured it with push pins while it dried. I wouldn’t normally recommend attaching trim with fabric glue but since no one will be touching it once it’s hung, it was an acceptable solution.

Upholstered Cornice 5 Nursery DIY: Upholstered Cornice

By far the trickiest part of this project was actually attaching the cornice to the wall. When I was at home depot, I forgot to have them cut a top piece for the cornice. This would usually be the easiest way to secure the box to the wall but in an effort to avoid another trip to the store, we decided to figure out another way. Since each of my side pieces was only 4″ deep, there was little room to get leverage on a screwdriver to screw the L-shaped brakets to the wall. We ended up finding that a flex head screwdriver worked best.

Upholstered Cornice 4 Nursery DIY: Upholstered Cornice  All in all, this project only took an afternoon to complete and I am so happy with the results. After I healed up from a rather unfortunate mishap that involved my palm and the wrong end of the staple gun, I decided that the staple gun will be my favorite new tool. At least until I learn how to sew, stapling fabric is my only means of upholstering anything.

Upholstered Cornice 8 Nursery DIY: Upholstered Cornice This project was so easy, I’m thinking of making another cornice for our dining area downstairs. Although, I have quite a few projects on my pre-baby check list so it make have to wait a few months. I still have a few other nursery projects I can’t wait to share with you in the next few weeks before the big reveal, stay tuned!


Jonathan Adler for JCP

screen capture 151 Jonathan Adler for JCP

Have any of you checked out Jonathan Adler’s new home collection for JC Penny JCP yet? I haven’t seen too much chatter around the web about it and am curious to see what the collection is like. With everything from furniture and accessories to pillows and bath products, Happy Chic has Adler’s signature colorful flair but prices fit for the masses. His affordable new collection would be the perfect way to get your hands on a few fun and modern pieces at a price point that won’t empty your wallet. I haven’t been to a JCP since the line’s launch this month but I am excited to check the products out in person.

screen capture 7 Jonathan Adler for JCP

screen capture 9 Jonathan Adler for JCP

screen capture 112 Jonathan Adler for JCP

screen capture 122 Jonathan Adler for JCP

screen capture 101 Jonathan Adler for JCP

screen capture 161 Jonathan Adler for JCP

screen capture 141 Jonathan Adler for JCP


What do you think? Would you scoop up some Happy Chic items for your home??

Images: JCP

Weekend Musings

Happy Friday everyone! This week just flew by for me as I have been busy working on some more DIYs for the nursery. I know I haven’t given any updates in a while so next week I promise to give some more sneak peeks at how everything is coming along. Pinterest and my favorite blogs have been lush with cutesy Easter ideas this week and I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorites with you.

Weekend Musings Easter1 Weekend Musings

- I adore these chic Gold Leaf Easter Eggs by Freutcake.

- Score some beautiful Easter Prints for your home by My Fabuless Life.

- How sweet is this Watercolor Easter Card by Oh So Very Pretty?

- A cute and simple way to pretty up your Easter Table Decor by Crafty Scrappy Happy.

- These String East Eggs by Think Crafts would be a fun project to do with the kids this weekend. 

On a side note, remember that contest I entered to win some fab nightstands from Serena & Lily? Well, yesterday Emily Henderson highlighted some of her favorite entries and I was happily surprised to find my nightstand among her favs! I don’t have any delusions about winning the contest but I wouldn’t mind moving up a few spots. The contest isn’t over until March 25th, so if you have a few seconds I would love your vote!! Thanks!

screen capture Weekend Musings

Muted Moroccan

Ramia Hamra Muted Moroccan

I was scouring the web yesterday looking for a silver Moroccan style bowl when I stumbled upon the website for Netherlands based company El Ramla Hamra. I was instantly captivated by their broad offering of beautiful, authentic accessories and furnishings from Morocco. Unlike the more traditional brightly colored pieces generally associated with Moroccan style, El Ramla Hamra gives a subtle nod to their northern European roots by sourcing scandinavian inspired products in white, silver, and gray. One look at their stunning catalog will have you dreaming of crisp white interiors with a distinctively Moroccan flair.

Ramia Hamra 1 Muted Moroccan

Ramia Hamra 2 Muted Moroccan

Ramia Hamra 3 Muted Moroccan

Ramia Hamra 6 Muted Moroccan Ramia Hamra 7 Muted Moroccan Ramia Hamra 8 Muted Moroccan Ramia Hamra 51 Muted Moroccan Images: El Ramla Hamra

DIY: Spring Vignette

Spring Silhouettes DIY: Spring Vignette

With St. Patrick’s Day behind us, I felt I could properly devote some time to decorating for the next holiday. Easter caught me by surprise this year because it’s a little early on the last day of March. Since my Easter stuff won’t be out for too long, I didn’t feel like going out and buying a bunch of supplies for something that will be on display for two weeks. I repurposed some decorative things I had around the house and used some extra wood pieces from other past projects and quickly threw together a little Easter vignette.

Spring Silhouettes 2 DIY: Spring Vignette

I had a few bags full of eggs left over from last year but something about a bunch of multi-colored pastel plastic eggs on display just wasn’t sparking my interest. Instead, I spray painted half of them gold and mixed and matched them with only the purple eggs. It created a sort of paint-dipped look and was easily half the work that actually dipping them would have entailed.

Spring Silhouettes 3 DIY: Spring Vignette

I pulled out some carved wood slices that I meant to turn into a Valentine’s Day project in February but ran out of time. I feel like I could start my own craft shop with extra supplies that had once been intended for a project that got pushed aside or forgotten about. Am I the only one this happens to???

Anyway, I painted the surfaces white and then surprised myself with some freehand silhouettes of different Easter motifs. Silhouettes are great because they are very forgiving. If it starts looking a little wonky, you can always add more paint and even things out without totally messing up the whole thing.

Spring Silhouettes 1 DIY: Spring Vignette

Over the years, I have collected boxes and boxes of fabric samples. A lot of them came from rummaging through the fabric library back in design school and some from showrooms that I never got around to returning (and a credit card bill to show for it). I found this sweet little purple plaid and cut it out to make a mini spring bunting. To secure the banner, I used two birch paper straws that I scored from Home Goods a few weeks ago.

Spring Silhouettes 4 DIY: Spring Vignette

Lastly, I attached the silhouettes to a wooden crate leftover from a shelving project that I recently finished. I plopped a few white flowers into an old milk jug and called it a day. I have the vignette arranged on a ledge on my staircase landing and it makes for such a cheerful sight when I come down for my morning (decaf) coffee!


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Color Play: Shamrock

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up on Sunday, I can’t help but gravitate towards all things green. Not only is emerald Pantone’s Color of the Year, it is one of my absolute favorite colors. Between it’s abundance in nature and it’s ability to create a striking statement in interiors, this vibrant hue should make all the other colors green with envy.

Color Play Shamrock Color Play: Shamrock

Images: Green Drapes, Green Flowers, Green SailsGreen Jewelry, Green FeatherGreen SkirtArugula Salad, Green Agate CoastersGreen Dining Chairs, Green Ombre Cake