2013 Design Trend: Embellished Walls

Embellished Walls5 150x150 2013 Design Trend: Embellished Walls

One of my favorite design trends for 2013 is embellished walls. Bringing some texture to a flat surface creates dimension and interest. There are almost limitless ways to bring this fun trend into your home in 2013 but I’ve compiled some of my favorites for your DIY pleasure.

This charming design by the Jeffers Design Group uses an …

On the Bulleit Train

 On the Bulleit Train

I have long admired the work of New York interior designer Brad Ford and his recent collaboration with Moore & Giles is no exception. Created as part of  Neiman Marcus’ Fantasy Gifts, the woody tailgate trailer is a luxurious nod to tradition and fine craftsmanship. The $150,000 trailer boasts leather furnishings, special leather holsters for cards, …

Wood Tiles: Everitt & Schilling

EandC 150x150 Wood Tiles: Everitt & Schilling

Incorporating wood into the design of a room can help add depth and warmth to any space. While flooring is the most common application for wood as an interior finish, it is starting to make an appearance in other areas as well. More and more designers are swapping out traditional backsplash materials like stone and …