Cupid’s Arrow

Arrows 150x150 Cupids Arrow

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of Cupid’s favorite day, I thought today I’d make a post all about arrows. It seems like arrows have been everywhere lately. I started really noticing them when I posted about Hunger Games decor last year, but the motif has been gaining popularity since way before that. Adorning everything from …

Last Minute Valentine’s DIY

Love Mug 5 150x150 Last Minute Valentines DIY

I think Valentine’s Day might be the easiest holiday to make quick DIY decor for. Probably because the color scheme is so simple and most anything looks cute if you add a few hearts to it. I’ve always wanted to try using Martha Stewart’s ceramic paints on something. A few months ago I picked up …

New Series: Color Play

Color Play Pink and White 150x150 New Series: Color Play

Putting together mood boards is possibly one of my favorite creative outlets. I usually enjoy using pretty papers and magazine cuttings but with so many online sources of visual inspiration, it’s just as fun to do them digitally now. In an effort to start some new biweekly columns, this is the first installment in a …

DIY: Yarn Heart Garland

Valentines Garland 150x150 DIY: Yarn Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day is one of my top three favorite holidays. When my sister and I were kids, my mom would decorate the house with paper hearts and doilies and put together little baskets filled with red, white, and pink Valentines treats. I tend to think it is one of those holidays where handmade decorations are best. You …

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day 1022x1024 Happy Valentines Day!

Pinterest Finds: Heart Cake via Bump Smitten, Heart Garland via How About Orange, Coffee Cups via Foodgawker, Floral Centerpiece from Martha Stewart, Fabric Fort via Design Sponge