Rocking-2-gether by Paul Kweton

Rocking Together 4 150x150 Rocking 2 gether by Paul Kweton

As the owner of one lap dog and one bulldog that thinks he’s a lap dog, I often fantasize about attaching a doggie sidecar to my chair so I can get a little space. Luckily, architect and product designer Paul Kweton has created a far more practical solution to my dilemma. The patent pending rocking-2-gether …

Design Spotlight: Coordination

Coordination 150x150 Design Spotlight: Coordination

I first learned of Coordination after I saw a feature on their intriguing height adaptable stool designs. Based out of Berlin and Shanghai, Coordination is an architecture and design firm specializing in creating cutting edge environments in brand and exhibition design. The concept lab’s unique sculptural aesthetic has caught the attention of many international brands including …

iGrow Self Watering Pot

igrow 1 150x150 iGrow Self Watering Pot

As a nod to either forgetfulness or laziness, I posses a strong affinity for house plants that require little to no maintenance. Even though I have a strict no silk plants policy in my house, I will not snub my nose at an artfully composed dry arrangement. Nonetheless, nothing can compare to the beauty of a …

The PumPing Tap: An Energy Saving Socket

PumPing 1 150x150 The PumPing Tap: An Energy Saving Socket

After receiving my first winter electricity bill (and almost fainting), I started a daily routine of going around the house looking for items to unplug and lights to turn off. Though I usually try to be conscious of my energy consumption, I have to admit I have been dropping the ball this winter. One area I …

15 Intriguing Chair Designs

Outline Chair 150x150 15 Intriguing Chair Designs

Outline Chair by Michael Samoriz
OFO Chair by Solovyov Design

Modern Chair Collection by Kenneth Cobonpue
Woven fabric {via}

Hug Chair by Ilian Milinov
Flexible Chair by Greg Stankus
Solid Cherry and maple veneer {via}

Modular Lounge Chair by Balint Kormos
Leather cushion pads, wood frame, and brass hinges {via}

Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu
Ten interlocking ash framed chairs {via}
S.O.S De Barrio Line Seat by Gruba
Reconstituted …

Houndstooth Heaven

Pied de Poule 1 300x225 Houndstooth Heaven

Sick of your standard floating ledge shelves? Take a look at these eye-catching houndstooth shelves by designer Julia Quancard. Conceived as a product idea for a design competition, the Pied-de-Poule is designed using ecological composite wood in addition to laminated wood. True to the traditional houndstooth pattern, the shelves come in a light and dark …