Photography Spotlight: Sharon Montrose

Sharon Montrose  e1358821824364 150x150 Photography Spotlight: Sharon Montrose

An area of photography I have always admired is animal portraiture. Much like babies and young children, the subjects are unpredictable and getting the right shot can be a challenge. Sharon Montrose’s simple animal portraits succinctly capture the essence of each type of animal she photographs from baby ducks to giant buffalo. A true lover of animals, …

Photography Spotlight: Oleg Oprisco

screen capture 131 150x150 Photography Spotlight: Oleg Oprisco

I was skimming through the archives over at Photography Blogger the other day and stumbled upon the lovely images of Ukrainian photographer Oleg Oprisco. His unique use of environment, light and color give his pictures a stunning ethereal quality. I could spend hours looking through this young photographer’s extensive portfolio.


Images: Oleg Oprisco

Testing 1 2 3

Peaches 3 1024x884 Testing 1 2 3

This weekend was exactly what I needed. Plenty of relaxing, a box full of ripe peaches, and an outdoor movie night with friends. To top it all off, my wonderful husband surprised me with a shiny new camera on Sunday! I’ve been making due with my hand-me-down Canon Rebel for a while now and am …

Water Drops by Corrie White

Water Drops 1 150x150 Water Drops by Corrie White

I spied these beautiful images on NOTCOT earlier and had to share. I know I am not alone in my fascination with water photography. In fact, when I took my first photography class a few years ago, we were given an assignment to capture motion. It happened to be pouring rain that day so I …

Color Happy Album Art

Ornette e1326317139297 150x150 Color Happy Album Art

I’ve always had a fascination with paint. My love of color and admiration of talented artists drove me to several (failed) attempts at painting. In the very loosest of terms you could call my artwork “unintentionally abstract”. I have often been more impressed by the beautiful shapes and mixtures of color that end up on my …

David Parfitt

Bubble 1 150x150 David Parfitt

Sometimes the simplest images can be the most beautiful. These photos from British still life photographer David Parfitt capture the uniquely delicate structure of bubbles.  Wouldn’t a collection of these be so beautiful in a white bathroom?

Images: David Parfitt via Trendland