Color Inspiration: Autumn Deer

Autumn Deer Color Story 150x150 Color Inspiration: Autumn Deer

Last weekend we went up to Orange County to visit my parents. Their property backs up to a wildland preserve so spotting a herd of deer nibbling on the hillside is not an uncommon sight come fall. In fact, over the years it has been one of my favorite things about that house. If you go up onto the …

Fall Home Inspiration

Fall Colors2 150x150 Fall Home Inspiration

Have I mentioned how much I love fall yet? I. LOVE. FALL. Every year after Christmas, I start counting down the days until next fall. There’s just something about cooler weather, monthly holidays, and permission to live in boots and sweaters.
To me, the changing of seasons is not just a change in temperature,  it’s an …

Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkin Coffee Table 150x150 Painted Pumpkins

Last year I officially said goodbye to pumpkin carving. I spent almost five hours carving an intricate Halloween scene only to have the whole thing rotting on my doorstep the next day. I know there are ways to preserve the life of the pumpkin but I decided there will not be any carved pumpkins on …