Northwest Trip: Part 1

Portland 5 150x150 Northwest Trip: Part 1

As promised, I tried to snap a few pictures of my trip to the Pacific Northwest last weekend. What I thought was just a few, turned out to be about 800, so I am going to divide them up into two parts. Part 1: Portland.

My Uncle showed us around downtown Portland via the MAX light …

Upcycled Military Furniture: Stephen Kenn

screen capture 101 150x150 Upcycled Military Furniture: Stephen Kenn



LA-based designer Stephen Kenn gives us an inspired take on upcycled furniture with his collection of furnishings made from items found in a military surplus warehouse. The simplistic line of seating is constructed from US military tent half shelters, reproduction WWII-era Swiss mule belts, and welded steel frames that have been rusted to complete the rugged …

Wood Tiles: Everitt & Schilling

EandC 150x150 Wood Tiles: Everitt & Schilling

Incorporating wood into the design of a room can help add depth and warmth to any space. While flooring is the most common application for wood as an interior finish, it is starting to make an appearance in other areas as well. More and more designers are swapping out traditional backsplash materials like stone and …

Chalk Tablet by Peg and Awl

PegandAwl 4 150x150 Chalk Tablet by Peg and Awl

The Chalk Tablet is the perfect solution for those looking to throw away piles of post-its in favor of a more eco-friendly way to jot down notes. Made by the Husband and Wife team behind Peg and Awl, the smartly designed tablet is constructed from reclaimed wood and black leather. The couple sourced their wood …

Bottle Vase

Bottle Vase 1 150x150 Bottle Vase

Recycle your used bottles by turning them into pretty vases with Furnish’s new Bottle Vases. Constructed with EVA material, these water resistant covers simply slip over any bottle to create an instant vase. At $10 a piece, you could affordably switch up the color to match any season or decor.

They also have a line of …

Houndstooth Heaven

Pied de Poule 1 300x225 Houndstooth Heaven

Sick of your standard floating ledge shelves? Take a look at these eye-catching houndstooth shelves by designer Julia Quancard. Conceived as a product idea for a design competition, the Pied-de-Poule is designed using ecological composite wood in addition to laminated wood. True to the traditional houndstooth pattern, the shelves come in a light and dark …