Color Elite E-Swatch System

pantone 1 150x150 Color Elite E Swatch System

Designed by Liao-Hsun Chen as a way to replace the use of paint chips and fabric swatches, the new Color Elite e-swatch system utilizes a combination of e-paper technology, a compact scanner, and the internet. Users simply scan an object, scene or color they wish to replicate and the device will identify similar shades and provide …

Sustainable Living: The L41home

L41 home 1 150x150 Sustainable Living: The L41home

I am constantly fascinated by the clever innovations in space planning and design for prefab modular housing. Not only do these tiny living spaces help reduce a home’s environmental impact, they are now so well designed you could almost forget you are living in a 220 square foot home.

As these micro houses gain popularity, Architects …

Bottle Vase

Bottle Vase 1 150x150 Bottle Vase

Recycle your used bottles by turning them into pretty vases with Furnish’s new Bottle Vases. Constructed with EVA material, these water resistant covers simply slip over any bottle to create an instant vase. At $10 a piece, you could affordably switch up the color to match any season or decor.

They also have a line of …


LACK glass top 150x150 LACKluster

When I set out to decorate our first home, I surveyed our inventory: various flea market finds, inherited family pieces, old college furniture that needed refinishing, and Ikea’s entire line of LACK furniture. Not the most cohesive collection of furnishings to say the least.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea- their products are affordable, accessible, and …

Hand Carved Rubber Stamps

Eames Stamp Side 150x150 Hand Carved Rubber Stamps

A few years ago I tried to carve my own stamps. I had all these illusions of grandeur about making an adorable stamp with my new married name on it. I suppose what I ended up with technically qualified as a stamp but it was certainly not pretty. Thank goodness for Etsy! I was browsing …

Houndstooth Heaven

Pied de Poule 1 300x225 Houndstooth Heaven

Sick of your standard floating ledge shelves? Take a look at these eye-catching houndstooth shelves by designer Julia Quancard. Conceived as a product idea for a design competition, the Pied-de-Poule is designed using ecological composite wood in addition to laminated wood. True to the traditional houndstooth pattern, the shelves come in a light and dark …