Artist Spotlight: Luke Flynt

Flynt 1 150x150 Artist Spotlight: Luke Flynt

I am thrilled to pass along a big congratulations to family friend and multi-talented artist/designer, Luke Flynt. His collection of brightly colored graphic prints have caught the attention of the people over at Design Sponge and is featured on their blog today. In addition to his amazing graphic design work, Flynt’s website also showcases his …

Artist Spotlight: Miranda Skoczek

screen capture 15 150x150 Artist Spotlight: Miranda Skoczek

One of my favorite things about skipping around from website to website is stumbling upon inspiring artists. Though Australian artist, Miranda Skoczek is not new to the art world, her fanciful paintings have recently made several appearances in American art and design blogs. Her unique aesthetic is a reflection of her time spent traveling to exotic …

Color Happy Album Art

Ornette e1326317139297 150x150 Color Happy Album Art

I’ve always had a fascination with paint. My love of color and admiration of talented artists drove me to several (failed) attempts at painting. In the very loosest of terms you could call my artwork “unintentionally abstract”. I have often been more impressed by the beautiful shapes and mixtures of color that end up on my …

Inorganic Flora by Macoto Murayama

inorganic flora 1 150x150 Inorganic Flora by Macoto Murayama

In his debut collection of digital prints, Japanese artist Macoto Murayama combines artistic design, historical study, and biological investigation to create stunningly technical images. The art is the result of a time consuming process that involves photographing, sketching, digital rendering, and 3D modeling. When the print is finished, Murayama completes the piece by framing it …

Garden Letters by Jimmy Fiction Esq.

Garden Letters 1 150x150 Garden Letters by Jimmy Fiction Esq.

Using decorative letters in a space is something that will never go out of style. The personal touch of adding a decorative set of initials or numbers denoting birthdays or anniversaries adds a homey element to the environment. These over scaled three-dimensional letters from Jimmy Fiction Esq. would create a stunning focal point in any …

David Parfitt

Bubble 1 150x150 David Parfitt

Sometimes the simplest images can be the most beautiful. These photos from British still life photographer David Parfitt capture the uniquely delicate structure of bubbles.  Wouldn’t a collection of these be so beautiful in a white bathroom?

Images: David Parfitt via Trendland

Wire Sculptures by Gavin Worth

Her Back 150x150 Wire Sculptures by Gavin Worth

I have always been attracted to the pure nature of line drawings. The lack of shading and color allows form to become the primary focus.  Zimbabwe born artist Gavin Worth has taken line drawings one step further with his wire sculptures. In this beautiful collection of freestanding sculptures, Worth succinctly captures some of life’s most …

Marion Bolognesi

Rouge 1 150x150 Marion Bolognesi

In her latest endeavor with Rogue Magazine, Brooklyn painter Marion Bolognesi created four stunning watercolor illustrations for their beauty trend series. The colorful collaboration with Antoine Neufmars does not disappoint!




You can find all of Bolognesi’s lovely prints on her website.  She also just announced that she will be releasing a new print edition of her 2005 …