Paint Dipped Planter

Paint Dipped Planter Paint Dipped Planter

When I finally found my beloved fiddle leaf fig tree, I struggled finding a planter that was the right shape and color for my house. So I did what any DIYer would do and bought something to spray paint. I was struggling between doing it in white or gold so a paint dip treatment was the perfect solution. I know I’ve done some really easy DIYs in the past but this might top the list.

Paint Dipped Planter 4 Paint Dipped Planter

I started with a terra cotta pot and drip tray. I made sure to get an unglazed pot because the spray paint adheres really easily to the unfinished surface. I began by spraying the whole outside white. The white didn’t need to be perfect on the bottom 1/3 of the pot since it was going to be gold but I wanted to do a white base to make sure the orange didn’t show through under the gold.

Paint Dipped Planter 7 Paint Dipped Planter

I sprayed the inside of the pot but since it was going to be filled with soil, I only went down a few inches.

Paint Dipped Planter 51 Paint Dipped Planter

After the planter and the drip tray dried completely, I flipped over the planter and used masking tape and a few trash bags to tape off and cover up the portion I wanted to keep white. The images I took of this have mysteriously disappeared but luckily this DIY is pretty self explanatory. After a few coats of my favorite metallic gold spray paint I was done!

Paint Dipped Planter 2 Paint Dipped Planter

I love how the matte white looks with the metallic gold. The combination is so pretty and the gold looks deliciously shimmery in the morning light. Now all I need is some Leaf Shine and this fiddle leaf is good to go.

Paint Dipped Planter 3 Paint Dipped Planter

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  1. Looks great Sarah :) What gold spray did you use on it? xo Kristin

  2. What’s your fave gold spray paint? Mine was recently discontinued and I’m adrift! This pot is perfect :)

  3. love it! so glam and fun! i am getting a fiddle leaf fig in a couple weeks when i finally get to ikea and can’t wait!
    cassie recently posted…Weekend Adventures, Upcoming Adventures, and a Little Duck Egg TableMy Profile

    • Thanks Julia! I didn’t know if Ikea would have the size I wanted so I ended up getting mine at a nursery. I’m thinking I’ll still end up with another one next time I go to Ikea though! Haha

  4. Love it Sarah! The gold is perfect in the space. I also love how tall your fiddle is!
    Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor recently posted…Entryway Revamp: Styled Two WaysMy Profile

    • Thanks Shavonda! I’m so glad my hubby is cool with all the gold. Every time I do something gold I picture him walking in and saying, “I love gooooold” like Goldmember in Austin Powers. haha

  5. Looks so great! I love the combo of white and gold together :) . My post tomorrow includes the same color combo :) .

    Kayla recently posted…{Designer Notes} Creating a Beach Inspired InteriorMy Profile

  6. I adore this in so many ways. GOLD=Love, WHITE=Love and I want a fiddle leaf so badly myself.
    Julia @cuckoo4design recently posted…HodgepodgeMy Profile

    • I wanted one ever since I saw Emily Henderson style all her interiors with them. They’re so sculptural and the leaves are so pretty!

  7. Looks awesome Sarah! I just dipped a planter on my post today…and some pine cones. Its kind of addictive! This looks great! It totally makes that planter! It draws attention to it for sure!

    House Envy

  8. where did you find your fiddle leaf fig in san diego? i got one from home depot but it’s sick and dying :(

  9. I LOVE IT! So, so fab. I finally got my fiddle leaf ficus a few months ago, and it really needs something glam like this.
    Kelly @ View Along the Way recently posted…Inspiration for the headboard-turned-benchMy Profile

    • Good job on keeping yours alive so far! I’m really hoping I don’t kill this one, it’s by far my favorite! Only time will tell..

  10. I love the gold and white combo! I’m hoping my fiddle leaf will eventually get as big as yours. I’ve had it since mother’s day and it’s still alive so I’m calling that progress :)
    Bethany @ Dwellings By DeVore recently posted…Random thoughtsMy Profile

    • Well I bought mine big already because I have little to no faith in my ability to train/grow a plant. 4 months? That’s definitely progress in my book ;-)

  11. Just found your blog after your pumpkin DIYs were featured on Brit+Co! Love all of your ideas and can’t wait to try some of them!
    a ray of sun

  12. I have a new FLF that is without a pot right now…I love the shape of this one and your paint job! I’m curious, what is leaf shine? Never heard of it but I’m guessing it cleans the leaves?

  13. Love it!! I just got a Fiddle Leaf too and am in need of a planter/pot. Where did you find your square terra cotta pot? :)

  14. P.S. One more question…what kind of sheen and brand of white spray paint did you use?

  15. I originally pinned this post for your DIY planter, but now I am looking over the photos again and am loving your curtains!! Where are they from?


  1. […] from Laquer and Linen!  Her blog is FULL of inspiration! I love this recent DIY of hers for a paint dipped planter. So easy and dramatic at the same time! Thanks for being my special guest today […]

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