2013 Design Trends

Wondering what to expect from the design world in 2013? Elle Decor’s editor and chief, Michael Boodro, recently gave his predictions on the top five trends we can look forward to over the next 12 months.

2013 Design Trend Brass2 2013 Design Trends

This 70′s inspired trend has been popping up more and more over the past six months and is predicted to make a big resurgence for 2013. Its golden hue lends well to a variety of design styles but is quickly becoming a popular metal of choice in contemporary interiors. Due to it’s versatility, brass is also great option when mixing styles.

2013 Design Trend Green2 2013 Design Trends

Named as Pantone’s 2013 Color of the year, emerald green is sure to be a popular color in interior design this year. This once neglected color will appear in a wide array of shades from lime green to teal. Because green has a natural soothing effect and promotes relaxation, it is commonly used in hospitals and doctors offices but also looks fabulous in the home. This vibrant color can be surprisingly easy to add to your existing decor. It works well with grays, browns, blacks, and neutral shades.

2013 Design Trend Embellished Walls 2013 Design Trends

When faced with a plain wall, embellishing it by adding texture is a sure-fire way to add interest to a room. One of the easiest forms of embellishing is using a grasscloth or textured wall covering. Grasscloth is a natural material that can be dyed to almost any color. If a natural wallcovering is a little too rustic for you, try one of the many beautiful flocked or textured metallic wallpapers out there. A big trend in the DIY world is working with reclaimed wood. Wether it be a headboard or an entire wall, this look really makes a statement.

2013 Design Trends Lace 2013 Design Trends  Already a prominent fixture in the fashion scene, lace is making it’s way back into interiors. Due to it’s delicate nature, this lovely fabric is most commonly seen as trim or in sparing amounts. Look out for its use on a larger scale adorning pillows, drapery panels, and bedspreads.

2013 Design Trends Beige  2013 Design Trends

When I frist read about this trend, I felt my gag reflex creeping up on me. Beige, really? Gray is the new neutral. I thought we were all on board with that? Well, Michael Boodro is predicting that we will be seeing a lot more of this bland hue in 2013.  Designers are starting to reinvent the old beige by mixing it with cream, ivory, and off-white to create pleasing neutral environments. I will admit I have seen some stunning white/beige interiors before but they are few and far in between. Maybe it’s just me but I was happy to see this yellow based color hit the road years ago.

There you have it, Elle Decor’s top five design trends for 2013. Boodro’s predictions have me very excited to see what this year holds for the world of interior design. What’s not to love about brass, the color green, pretty wallcoverings, and lace? I am on board with four out of the five trends. I just can’t bring myself to welcome beige back with open arms. Am I crazy for wanting to call an eternal boycott on this boring color?


Images: Brass: Interior Design by Kelly Wearstler, image via LA Times, Green: Frank’s Restaurant in Hotel Arts Barcelona, Embellished Walls: Interior Design by Jeffers Design Group, Crochet White Lace Bedspread, Beige: Photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna via Elle Decor



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  • http://www.bliss-athome.com Kristin Cadwallader

    I am on board with most of those trends. I love lace in a dress or top, but that is the only one I don’t think I am down with in decor. Maybe I will be swayed if I see a fabulous take on it…maybe…xo Kristin
    Kristin Cadwallader recently posted…Organizing Your Linen ClosetMy Profile

    • Sarah

      I see what you mean Kristin, lace is definitely a tricky one to get right thats for sure!

  • http://littlebigbell.com geraldine

    Love the brass / metal look. Saw that a lot last Summer at the London Design festival. Green I think is lovely in small doses when paired with white or black – I like the more muted vintage green colours. I’m not so sure about beige but will watch with interest how that takes shape. xx
    geraldine recently posted…Material in Shoreditch, LondonMy Profile

    • Sarah

      Oooo I love muted green too! A pretty green velvet is heavenly on a vintage French sofa. I am interested to see what happens with beige too, maybe I’ll change my mind!

  • http://www.freckledconfessions.com Landi

    How amazing!! Thanks for sharing… I’m currently studying interior design here in Texas and this is a great little “boost” to know what’s to come in 2013!

    • Sarah

      That’s awesome Landi! I always loved learning about trend forecasting in design school. It’s so interesting! Good luck with your classes!!

  • http://www.inspirationaffirmation.com Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation

    I love the idea of a textured grasscloth wall. And sparkly metallic textured wallcoverings like those from Maya Romanoff, Phillip Jeffries, and Koroseal — be still my heart! ;-) I’m really looking forward to seeing what design has in store for us this year!
    Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation recently posted…Hosting a Party: What I’ve LearnedMy Profile

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  • http://www.dallas-fence.net/ Dorothy

    The design trend is really awesome this year. The pictures looks so lovely and pretty!! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  • http://www.mecdesignstudio.com/ merri cvetan

    I support your eternal boycott of beige! You are so right. If the trends is a beautiful mixture of creamy white colors, fine. Just come up with a new name!