Microwave-Pressed Flower Art

Looking for a way to hang on to a little piece of summer sun? With this easy DIY project, you can preserve your favorite summer blooms and create a little art at the same time.  After gaining popularity during the Victorian era, the process of flower pressing usually included large, heavy books or cumbersome wood blocks and weeks of drying time. Today, modern flower presses can be purchased for around $20. But if you don’t have a press handy, you can easily make your own microwave press from items you have laying around the house.

IMG 3457 1024x682 Microwave Pressed Flower Art

Here is what you will need:

1 Frame

1 Piece of cardboard cut to fit your frame

2 Pieces of stone or ceramic tile or 2 pieces of 8″x10″ cardboard

2 coffee filters

Fabric of your choice- size depends on what size frame you use

Fabric glue (or other)

Flowers, leaves, or herbs to dry

IMG 3445 1024x682 Microwave Pressed Flower Art

Lay one filter on top of the tile.  If you are using cardboard, make sure the edges are wet so it doesn’t catch fire. Place your flowers face down on the paper. Flowers that lay flat generally tend to work better. Top the flowers with another filter and the remaining piece of stone or tile. If you are using cardboard, secure the press with a few rubber bands or place a coffee mug on each end.

IMG 3449 1024x682 Microwave Pressed Flower Art

Microwave the flowers in batches. The amount of time depends on the your power settings. I suggest testing in 30-60 second increments at medium power. If you use tile or stone, the pieces will be extremely hot so be sure to use an oven mitt. DO NOT microwave for more than a minute and thirty seconds without cooling in between because the paper inside will burn.

IMG 3452 1024x682 Microwave Pressed Flower Art

Gently peel back the top filter. Leave the flower on the bottom piece and let dry. When it’s dry, carefully remove the the flower.

IMG 3454 1024x682 Microwave Pressed Flower Art

Cut the fabric to the size you need and glue it to a piece of cardboard. Arrange the flowers how you want them to lay. Place the matte frame and glass over the flowers and and secure the back.

IMG 3469 1024x682 Microwave Pressed Flower Art

Now you can enjoy you favorite flowers all year round!




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