Guest Post: Gold + Silver

This morning I am excited to introduce Joanna from Arcadian Lighting. I have used Arcadian fixtures in several of my projects and love their selection of styles and price points. Joanna will be showing us how to mix silver and gold into any home decor. You can get more lighting tips and tricks from her at the Arcadian Lighting Blog. Thanks Joanna!

Hi! I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful online source for lighting fixtures of all styles. I’ve an affinity for interior design and enjoy writing on design topics. I’m thrilled to be sharing a guest post on Lacquer & Linen. Today, I’m bringing you a collection of decorating ideas and images centering on gold and silver décor. I love to mix the two in my own decorating projects. I hope you enjoy!

1 Gold and Silver Guest Post: Gold + Silver
Smoky mirrored panels in soft gold cast a warm glow onto this banquette dining space. A gold framed chair, crystal wall sconce and picture frame add an extra touch of glitz.

2 Gold and Silver Guest Post: Gold + Silver
Mixing metallics is a lovely way to enjoy both gold and silver. This vignette is a good example of how the two coexist beautifully.

3 Gold and Silver Guest Post: Gold + Silver
This lovely living room is awash in gold with beautiful results. The golds are just subtle enough not to be too overwhelming. Interior lighting comes from two wall sconces above the sofa and table lamps flanking it.

4 Gold and Silver Guest Post: Gold + Silver
This grand dining room features both silver and gold. The majority of the space is subtle silver and grey with the accents in gold and brass. The mirror is used to reflect the chandelier for a stunning effect.

5 Gold and Silver Guest Post: Gold + Silver
A buttery tufted sofa is paired with silver leather arm chairs. Accents throughout the space alternate between gold and silver. The rug anchors the space.

6 Gold and Silver Guest Post: Gold + Silver
A dressing room is cloaked in gold from floor to ceiling. A vanity sits ready for primping. Can you imagine getting ready for the day in this glamorous setting?

7 Gold and Silver Guest Post: Gold + Silver
This bedroom is another fine example of gold and silver mixed. A gold mirror hangs above a mirrored side table as a gold light fixture sits atop it.

8 Gold and Silver Guest Post: Gold + Silver
A stunning powder room vanity has its own version of gold and silver. The sink appears to be a hammered silver bowl set underneath a silver faucet. The walls are a mottled gold and silver mix. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Using metallic colors is one of those trends that never seems to die out. Which metallic colors do you love? Comment below and make sure to check out our beautiful wall lamps at Arcadian Lighting.



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  • Taryn

    I am obsessed with that living room with the silver and gold sunburst mirrors! I never thought to mix the two, now I might have to try it out!

  • Kristin Cadwallader

    Love gold & silver together, luxurious! I am doing all silver and gold for Christmas decor in my living room this year!!! So excited!!!
    xoxo Kristin