DIY: Metallic Specimen Art for $25

Specimen Art copy DIY: Metallic Specimen Art for $25

Lately I have acquired a minor obsession with gilt objects. My husband often wonders why I rarely become obsessed with something cheap. Where is the fun in that?? Plus, when I find things I love that are out of my price range, it provides incentive for me to make a thrifty DIY alternative. So, I’m hopping on the spray-painted-animal bandwagon and allowing this obsession to last just a little longer.

While thinking about what to make with my bronzed objects, I looked around my home and realized I needed more art. Those dried flowers from last fall aren’t very summery and I needed something to fill their void. I decided to go with a variation on specimen charts. To create the 3D art, I picked up some frames from Goodwill, fabric scraps from Joanns, and plastic animals, insects, and shells from Michaels. In the end, the project cost me a wallet-friendly $25.

Frames 1 DIY: Metallic Specimen Art for $25

Frames 21 DIY: Metallic Specimen Art for $25

Frames 3 DIY: Metallic Specimen Art for $25

Frame 51 DIY: Metallic Specimen Art for $25

After you cut the fabric to fit the frame, use craft glue to secure the fabric to the glass. After everything is dry, you can use a hot glue gun to attach the objects to the fabric. The whole project took me about an hour including drying time. Easy as pie. I chose a few different printed fabrics but I think a collection of frames all in that black linen or even burlap would look wonderful in a wall gallery.

Frames 14 DIY: Metallic Specimen Art for $25

Frames 16 DIY: Metallic Specimen Art for $25

Frames 10 copy1 e1345591539641 DIY: Metallic Specimen Art for $25

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  1. Sarah, I love this DIY! So many ways you could go with it! xxx Kristin

    • I know! I am already thinking about doing a bigger one with silver race cars for my little Godson’s room!

  2. I love the one with the sharks!

  3. Love this! I’ll have to do this this weekend.


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