A Flowery Midsummer Party

Midsummers2 A Flowery Midsummer Party

FLOWER CROWNS. They’re all the rage right now aren’t they? And why shouldn’t they be- they are beautiful, summery, and surprisingly easy to make. Back in June, one of my best friends hosted a fantastic Midsummer Party to celebrate her birthday. In a fitting nod to her love of the sun, the party was held a few days after the summer solstice so the sun hung low in the sky late into the evening.

If you’ve never made a flower crown before, I encourage you to try it out. Depending on the type of flowers you use, these sweet little crowns can be made without spending much money. All you need is a few bunches of flowers, wire, and floral tape. There are a number of ways to approach starting the crown, but I found starting from the back and working towards the front to be the best strategy.

07 A Flowery Midsummer Party

Midsummers 3 A Flowery Midsummer Party

Midsummers 41 A Flowery Midsummer Party

Midsummers 5 A Flowery Midsummer Party



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  • http://www.canyoucomehome.com StarletStarlet

    They are soooo irresistible Sarah! What a gorgeous midsummer party.

    • Sarah

      They really did turn out nice! My friend did an amazing job with the party, it was so fun making them!

  • http://Designlint.co.uk Kelly

    How gorgeous, and you made it look so easy, might have to give it a go!

    You all look fabulous in your crowns, the perfect accessory for a midsummer party :)

    • Sarah

      Thanks! It really is very easy and almost impossible to mess up!