Book Review: Florida Modern

Florida Modern Book Review: Florida Modern

After spending a few days basking in all the glorious mid-century modern stores in Palm Springs I found myself engulfed in the newest addition to my book collection, Florida Modern. The book, written by Jan Hochstim, reviews the modern architecture boom in Florida between 1945 and 1970. The writer focuses primarily on the works of about 40 architects and explores the influences of the Bauhaus movement and the pioneer of modern architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright. Hochstim also highlights the region’s geographical and climate issues like tropical vegetation, hot southern summers, and the prevalence of insects which helped guide the path to a more fluid indoor-outdoor style of living.

Florida Modern 2 Book Review: Florida Modern

Florida Modern 3 Book Review: Florida Modern

The images, as captured primarily by Steven Brooke, are beautifully composed and the color blocked pages perfectly reflect the subject matter. I love that floor plans are included for each house but I wish the drawings were a little larger so they could be read more easily.

Florida Modern 4 Book Review: Florida Modern

I thoroughly enjoyed looking through the pages of this book and seeing the unpublished works of many great architects. The book is very well written and Hochstim clearly did extensive research on the subject. Truth be told, I sometimes end up with coffee table books because the cover art works with my decor. This book happens to offer the best of both worlds with a well designed jacket, a manageable size, and interesting content. A great read for architecture enthusiasts!



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  1. Wonderful picks. Love the Typo chairs and the Voliere lamps.
    Val From BYW

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