iGrow Self Watering Pot

igrow 1 iGrow Self Watering Pot

As a nod to either forgetfulness or laziness, I posses a strong affinity for house plants that require little to no maintenance. Even though I have a strict no silk plants policy in my house, I will not snub my nose at an artfully composed dry arrangement. Nonetheless, nothing can compare to the beauty of a freshly potted plant. When I saw Psychic Factory’s latest product concept over at Yanko Design, I saw visions of entire shelves full of LIVE greenery in my future. With a base designed to store up to a week’s worth of water, the iGrow supplies a steady flow of water to the plant while also avoiding the possibility of spills and open stagnant water.

igrow2 iGrow Self Watering Pot

igrow3 iGrow Self Watering Pot


igrow4 iGrow Self Watering Pot

Images: Yanko Design



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  • http://www.rosybluhandmade.com Michelle

    I share your forgetfulness/laziness when it comes to houseplants–of the six or so I’ve had in the last few years, there’s just one left alive. I highly recommend succulents for people like us! They’re members of the cactus family, and thrive on small amounts of water and neglect…I got a bunch a few months ago, and they’re doing spectacularly well!

    • Sarah

      Oh I love succulents! I discovered them while looking for flowers for my wedding a few years ago and have never looked back. Although- I did manage kill one a few months ago. In my defense it was because the *oh-so-cute* jar I used had no drainage hole so the roots started to rot. Rookie mistake but it was SO pretty while it lasted!