Red Paint RED

Red is a color I generally tend to steer away from. I love a good red accent chair or campaign dresser, but an entire room based on red is not really my thing. There is just something about the color that makes me overlook it. It’s probably because as a redhead, red tends to fall in the category of unflattering colors fair-skinned redheads can’t (or shouldn’t) wear.

I will admit that my boycott on red is the result of an unfair bias. In an effort to expand my color horizons, this is something I am trying to overcome. A deep crimson room can make for a striking living room, add a broody quality to a library or give a playful vibrance to a nursery. Especially around Valentines Day, I can’t help but follow the masses in my overindulgence of everything pink, white, and yes, red. I browsed around and found some lovely rooms designed around this romantic hue. They are delicious! Who knows, maybe I’ll even branch out and pick up a red accessory soon. Baby steps…

Red room 1 RED

Red Room 3 RED

Red Room 4 RED

Red Room 5 RED

Red Room 6 RED

Red Room 2 RED

Images: Wikipedia Commons, Simon Upton via Elle Decor, House to HomeThomas Loof via House Beautiful, Massucco Warner Miller, Sara Bengur InteriorsMiguel Flores-Vianna via Elle Decor




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  • EEK

    Those window treatments on the last pic are AMAZING!! The white with the red trim…Any idea where I could find something like that?