Thanksgiving Table Decor for Under $20

Last week, I found out I will be hosting my first Thanksgiving this year. After a quick moment of panic, I got to brainstorming ideas for my table. Since I don’t have a table large enough to accommodate our guests, I had to drag our six foot folding table out of the garage. With only 30″ of width to work with, I needed to get a little creative with the centerpiece. Between using things I already had at home, borrowing items from a friend, and a quick trip to the Salvation Army and Michaels, I pulled together an impromptu Thanksgiving tablescape for about $20.

Thanksgiving Table2 Thanksgiving Table Decor for Under $20

The embroidered tablecloth is from my great grandmother and has a beautiful delicate detail down the middle.  Because the tablecloth is so special, I wanted to protect the lace and chose to use some leftover linen I had on hand to anchor the centerpiece. For the dry arrangement, I grabbed a reusable shopping bag and foraged through a local wooded area to gather up some branches, leaves, and pinecones. I then headed over to the Salvation Army store to scoop up four glass containers for a total of $7.89. I filled two jars with pinecones and two more with spanish moss leftover from my Halloween display and topped it with some mini faux pears. I borrowed the gorgeous bronze candle holders from a friend and lucked out with an unopened box of taper candles in my pantry.

Thanksgiving Note Box1 Thanksgiving Table Decor for Under $20

For the place settings, I wanted to make something meaningful that my guests could take home with them. Usually, my family goes around the table and says one thing we are thankful for, but I’ve always had a hard time deciding on just one. I thought it would be nice to have a box for each person with a collection of handwritten notes from other guests expressing why they are thankful to have them in their lives.

Note Box Process2 Thanksgiving Table Decor for Under $20

I found these great paper maché boxes at Michaels and bought six for 99¢ each. To personalize them, I used a stencil template ($3.75) to paint on each person’s initials. I am quite heavy handed, so instead of trying to lightly draw a straight line to guide where to put the letters, I used a post it note. I then cut up some strips of paper to set out for guests to write on throughout the night.

Blank Notes1 Thanksgiving Table Decor for Under $20


Thanksgiving Note Box 1 1 Thanksgiving Table Decor for Under $20  There are so many fun, creative ways to add a homemade touch to any dinner party. Maybe if I have time, I’ll make some cork wine tags for my guests too. Are you using your crafty side for your Thanksgiving decor this year?



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